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Aso city

Introduction of Aso city

Tourism opportunities in Japan's southern island of Kyushu are well represented by the natural beauty of the Aso mountains, the Kusasenrigahama plain and the Komezuka geo-site.

Aso city is located in a caldera surrounded by the Aso Gotake ( five mountains) in northeast Kumamoto prefecture. Most of Aso city is in Aso kuju National Park and, its part, the Kusasenrigaham plain is a center for sightseeing in Aso. Here, in addition to livestock, are found thriving crops of tomatoes, asparagus, and cabbage, while Namino Plateau is known for its wild plants and camping. Considered Intangible Folk Cultures, a number of festivals such as the fire shaking ritual of Aso and Kokuzou shrine can also be visited.

Aso city introduction video

Access to Aso city

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Access by car

Please use Hita IC and Kusu IC from Fukuoka and Nagasaki District
Please use the kuju IC and Yufuin IC from Oita district.
Please use Matsuhashi IC and Mashiki Kumamoto Airport IC from Kagoshima District.
* Please use the Milk Road/ Green Road from Kumamoto City.

Access by train

[From JR Kumamoto Station]
From JR Kumamoto station, get off at "Higo Otsu" station on the JR Hohi Line (approx. 40 min.)

Access by bus

[From JR Higo-Otsu Station]
From the south exit of Otsu station( 2-minute walk from Higo-Otsu station), take the Express bus "Yamabiko" to Aso Ekimae( in front of Aso station)(Approx. 50 min.)

Guidance of various information

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