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Nishihara village

Introduction of Nishihara village

The gateway to South Aso which is blessed with meadows and natural springs centering Tawarayama mountain.

Located in Aso county, Kumamoto pefecture, Nishiharamura village is about 20 kilometers east of Kumamoto city's central district. To the east of Nishimura village a vast widerness with grass fields, spring fountains, and other valuable resources is centered around Tawarayama mountain, a part of the Aso somma. The village is also adjacent to Aso Kumamoto Airport and within 30 minutes of Kumamoto city. More highly populated than other Kumamoto Prefectural districts, Nishiharamura has a Kyushu expressway and the Mashiki Kumamoto Interchange nearby. These provide easy access to places for local interaction and produce promoting stores and exhibits, facilitating as an entrance to Minami Aso. They assist visitors from inside and outside of the prefecture.

Nishihara village introduction video

Access to Nishihara village

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Access by car

From Fukuoka
Get off at Kyushu Expressway Kumamoto Interchange, and get on National route No.57 to Aso direction. Turn right at the Tateno intersection at the southern Aso village Tateno. Enter the village road Tochigi Tateno to Minami-Aso direction.
From Kagoshima
On Kyushu Expressway, off at Mashiki Kumamoto Airport Interchange to Aso (Prefectural Road 36). Get on prefectural Route 206 and28 to Tawarayama tunnel (with some detour)to Minami Aso ).
* Due to the effects of the Kumamoto earthquake, please be aware that access routes are becoming more complex.
From Oita City
National route No. 57 to Kumamoto, after Aso, to the Prefectural Road No. 296 (Aso north climb road), and Prefectural Road No. 299 (Aso west climb road ).
From Miyazaki
District After Nobeoka City, Takachiho Road, get onto National route 325 to Takamori-cho and Minami-Aso-mura

Access by train

Please use the local bus from JR Higo-Otsu station after JR Kumamoto Station ( Hohi main line)

Access by bus

Kyushu Sanko Bus
Please use a bus between Otsu cho~Nishihara mura~Mashiki machi.

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