阿蘇くじゅう観光圏認証宿泊施設のご紹介 sakura quality certified accommodation


It is a system created to enable foreign tourists to enjoy safe and comfortable trips. It offers them information on the very best Japanese services. Its 1 to 5 rating is awarded only to facilities recognized as meeting certain standards, which are based on 300 considerations from 19 fields related to service, management and hospitality.

sakura quality Introduction of certified Aso kuju tourism area lodging facilities

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All Japanese inn Hotel Small size accommodation*1
ryokan rank4

Aso Utinomaki Onsen yumeoisou

Satisfy yourself with a gorgeous buffet filled with good quality ingredients and a chartered bath.

ryokan rank5


We create a nostalgic and harmonious space for warm and friendly times.

ryokan rank4

yunoyado irifune

Time slows as you relax in our hot spring waters, the comforts of your room, or enjoy our chef's meals.

ryokan rank5


Please have special, luxurious moments in the quiet Uchinomaki hot spring resort, surrounded by the Aso's big nature.

ryokan rank3.5


All rooms are attached by indoor and open-air bath. Enjoy the feel of big nature of Aso, uniquely to our facility.

small accommodation rank3


Vivid white-blue colored 100% artesian hot spring. You can taste the feel of it during your stay either overnight or just for a day.

small accommodation rank3


At this location filled with mystery and nature, we welcome you sincerely through our traditional style of hospitality.

ryokan rank4


A shelter located in Takachiho, land of mystery. Hospitality is offered in the relaxing space and mountain village food.

ryokan rank5


Hope it'll be an entrance to a guest's poetic dream world. All is prepared for his memorable trip.

ryokan rank4

Ryokan chikurakutei

Japanese style inn facilitated with private rooms to value a guest's privacy. Please be relaxed and enjoy your stay.

ryokan rank3

Ryokan minawa

Our special detached room lodgings in the shadow of the Mount Aso mountains will rejuvenate your senses.

ryokan rank2.5


We are a Japanese style Onsen with a seasonally changing Japanese garden. We serve meat dishes from our ranch, a location which also includes naturally flowing hot water sources.

ryokan rank4

Ryokan Wakaba

Located at five minutes walk from Kurokawa hot spring. Enjoy a specially relaxed time.

ryokan rank4

Ryokan Sanga

Relax and enjoy a natural world shaped by traditional Japanese aesthetics.

ryokan rank4

Okyakuya Ryokan

Relax in the oldest spring ryokan( 300 years since the end of Edo era) in Korokawa Onsen history.

ryokan rank1

Namino Kogen Yasuragi Koryukan Hall

In this building you may feel familiar even in your first visit. You can stay here as a group in a relaxed atmosphere.


Aso Hakusui Onsen “RURI”

You will relax and have a peaceful time at this hot spring facility located in Minamiaso, a village with water springs.


Kurokawa Onsen Hot spring Ryokan Ichinoi

Seven minutes walk to the central area of Kurokawa Onsan. This inn stands surrounded by mountains. Containing sulfa, the hot spring water has a healing effect.

ryokan rank3

Minamiaso Kukino Onsen, Shiki-no-mori

You will have a magnificent view of the five peaks of Mt. Aso from any rooms of this inn. And you can soak yourself in soft water in the hot spring bath room with a grand view.


Aso Station of Forest DONGURI

You will have very special time in a hidden house in the woods away from your everyday life.



Taste and mind Inn with pure hot spring water.



An accommodation facility with a hot spring and delicious meals.