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Minami Aso village

Introduction of Minami Aso village

Pure fountain water and hot springs heal people's minds and bodies.

South of Aso Gotake lies Minami Aso Mura( village), a prosperous farming and dairy community. It's fertile land produces large amounts of produce and provides a range for the red cows raised there. In local inns or hotels you can taste dishes made from both of these. Also to be found is the Shirakawa Water Source, selected as one of the 100 finest waters in Japan, and Minami Aso Suigun( General name for 10 village water sources spotted in the village ), known in the Heisei period as among the 100 best. The Shirakawa River collects water from these sources and, spreading east to west, flows through the middle of a field and into the village. In addition to spring waters, healing and relaxing hot-springs have been in use everywhere in the village since the Edo Period.

Minami Aso village introduction video

Access to Minami Aso village

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Access by car

From Fukuoka
Get off at Kyushu Expressway Kumamoto Interchange, and get on National route No.57 to Aso direction. Turn right at the Tateno intersection at the southern Aso village Tateno. Enter the village road Tochigi Tateno to Minami-Aso direction.
From Kagoshima
On Kyushu Expressway, off at Mashiki Kumamoto Airport Interchange to Aso (Prefectural Road 36). Get on prefectural Route 206 and28 to Tawarayama tunnel (with some detour)to Minami Aso ).
* Due to the effects of the Kumamoto earthquake, please be aware that access routes are becoming more complex.
From Oita City
National route No. 57 to Kumamoto, after Aso, to the Prefectural Road No. 296 (Aso north climb road), and Prefectural Road No. 299 (Aso west climb road ).
From Miyazaki
District After Nobeoka City, Takachiho Road, get onto National route 325 to Takamori-cho and Minami-Aso-mura

Access by train

At Kyushu Shinkansen Kumamoto Station transfer to the Hohi main line. Get off at the Tateno station (approx. 50 minutes by local train)

Access by bus

For Nagasaki,Unzen,Shimabara, it's approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes by the Kumamoto station-Tawarayama bypass, or regular sightseeing buses are available from Yufuin or Beppu

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