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Yamato town

Introduction of Yamato town

A rich green town dotted with beautiful scenic spots such as autumnal red leaves and waterfalls

Yamato town is divided by the Midori River. The Kyushu Sekiryou mountains are on its left bank and the semi-plateau of the crater's southern rim on the right. This semi-plateau area is a plain filled with pyroclastic flow deposits ejected when the Aso caldera was formed. The Ougo River originates from the top of Aso's outer slope and forms many large and small valleys.
Yamato town is known for many things: the red beauty of its autumn leaves; the gorges of Soyoukyou, Ryokusenkyo, and Naidaijinkyou; and the waterfalls of Gorougadaki, Unokodaki and Hijiridaki (all awarded prefectural designation as a scenic spots and natural monuments).

Yamato town introduction video

Access to Yamato town

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Access by car

From Fukuoka I.C.
About 1 hour 20 minutes from Fukuoka I.C. to Mifune I.C. (115km), Mifune I.C. to Yamato Town Hall (Head office ) about 40 minutes (30 km)
From Kumamoto I.C.
About 10 minutes from Kumamoto I.C. to Mifune I.C. (12 km), about 40 minutes from Mifune I.C. to Yamato Town Hall (Head office ) (30km)
From Hitoyoshi I.C.
About 1 hour from Hitoyoshi I.C. to Matsuhashi I.C. (57km), about 50 minutes from Matsuhashi I.C. to Yamato Town Hall (Head office)) (36km)
From Kumamoto Airport
About 45 minutes by Prefectural road No.57
From Kumamoto Kotsu Center
About 1 hour 25 minutes by National route No.445

Access by train

[From JR Kumamoto Station]
From JR Kumamoto station, get off at "Higo Otsu" station on the JR Hohi Line (approx. 40 min.)

Access by bus

[From Fukuoka (Hakata Ward)]
For the express bus "Gokase" ( Get on at Hakata station Kotsu Center: first stop or Tenjin Bus Center) About 2 hours and 30 minutes from "Tenjin Bus Center" to "Yamato Town (Yabe)", 10 minutes on foot from the bus stop of "Yamato Town (Yabe)" to Yamato Town Hall ( Head office )[From Kumamoto Station]
For a local bus, get on a bus to the Kotsu (traffic) Center and get off at the Kotsu Center (see following items) For a streetcar, get off at "Hanahata Machi" and go to the Kotsu Center (see next item)
[From Kumamoto Kotsu(traffic) Center]
At "A-4" Stop (Kumamoto bus route 14), ride to "Tsujyun Sanso ・ Mamihara", about 1 hour 25 minutes For Mamihara, get off at the bus stop "Suidou Chou" and walk to Yamato Town Hall (Head office ) for about 2 minutes.
For Hama Machidome, get off at the bus stop at "Hama-machi (Yabe)" and walk to Yamato Town Hall ( Head office ) for 10 minutes
For Sansou, get off at bus stop "Chuou Koen (park) Mae" and walk to Yamato Town Hall ( Head office ) for about 5 minutes

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