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Providing a better hospitality from Aso,kuju

Introduction of SAKURA QUALITY
( tourism quality certificate)
awarded accommodations

SAKAURA QUALITY standards are an assurance to tourists from all over the world. See SAKURA standards for safe and comfortable traveling and information on the best Japanese services available. For details, visit our site at

In the site below, lodging facilities in Aso kuju tourism area which are certified, through strict screening, as meeting regular quality standards are introduced.

Here are the lodging facilities in Aso kuju tourism area certified for their quality standards.


Access including public transportation to Aso district.

  • Traffic condition informationROAD SITUATION

    We'll provide information on each road conditions-open or closed- for those coming by car or motorbike.

  • Guide to public transportationPUBLIC TRANSPORT

    Access information to Aso by public transportation including tramcar or bus

  • Guide to rental vehiclesVEHICLE LEASE

    Information on rental cars and rental cycles to Aso

Traffic condition


Bus company
  • Kyushu Sanko Bus
    Sanko Bus service center
    Phone Number +81-96-354-4845
Railway company
  • JR Kyushu
    JR Kyushu telephone reservation center (8:00~21:00)
    Phone Number +81-92-411-1616

Rental car, rental cycle

Rental car
Rental cycle

Guide to each city, town and village

Click on the link below to find pages for each city, town, and village. We provide detailed information including transportation access and a section explaining the "Benefit Your Locality Tax" arrangement for each municipality.